Friday, September 12, 2008

Trail Time, or The Lack Thereof

It's now September.

This and the next 3 months are the busiest part of the year in the industry that pays my bills. Weekends may be hard to come by and finding time to do trails for the Delaware Trail Challenge will be even harder.

I'm not worried though. It's not that much to hike, and you can always do them in the snow, right?

I was planning to do some trails close to home tommorow, but we are now leaving for our D.C. show Saturday afternoon. There's laundry to be done. And tonight...well, read the previous post.

Drum'n'bass Deliciousness tonight.

When I win that 5 day/4 night stay in a fully-equipped cottage that sleeps six in a spectacular natural setting in an Ohio State Park, plus $1000 for travel expenses when I finish the challenge, I'll be sure to have a contest to see who comes with me!

See you then!

1 comment:

Kendra said...

I would not be a bit surprised if you win the prize! I'm glad you were able to go to your show last night. Thanks for the pic of Bridget Foys. You are right - I do love that place :-)