Wednesday, August 20, 2008

An Adventure in Beats and Bass

So, there was no trail hiking going on last weekend. We had a visitor in town.

Not me personally, but in a move remininscent of the Platinum weekly events of yore, Philadelphia nightclub Fluid invited Mr. J Majik of the U.K. to their intimate, yet emotionally explosive venue just off of South Street.

Now, if there's anything that defines me just as much as the great outdoors and photography, it's the sound of hard-hitting, sub-smashing, bassline-booming, dancefloor-filling, soul-flying drum'n'bass.

It's been in my blood for about 15 years now- from collections like The History of Our World by DJ DB to A Soldier's Story by Dieselboy to Disturbance by Concord Dawn. (and I was able to capture this moment of drum'n'bass-fueled nature's lightning show at Starscape 2008.

I'm not as up-to-date on the new stuff these days, but when you hear that an artist like J Majik is coming to town, you drop everything and throw yourself into the vibe.

Which usually means cancelling all physical activities the morning after.

I danced myself sick. And so did alot of others. Congratulations to Defcon, Circle Management and Fluid for throwing a great party! The days of Thursday night Platinum events with Dieselboy, Dara and AK1200 are gone, but thanks to these guys and sites like Philly D'n' it looks like the Philly scene is still very much alive.

Friday, September 12th, 2008. This is, again, not to be missed. Calyx is one of the new guys I've been turned on to. His "Follow The Leader" track from '05 is a tech-step masterpiece. It's got a growling bassline that takes no prisoners.

See you on the Trail (or on the Dancefloor).

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